Distinguished Fellow

AAAP is pleased to announce plans to implement a new category of membership:  AAAP Distinguished Fellow.  This membership category is designed to recognize individuals who have made substantial contributions to AAAP and to the field of Addiction Psychiatry.  AAAP Fellows must be distinguished psychiatrists who have made a contribution of significant value to the field of alcohol and other drug addictions in the area of clinical work, teaching, research, and/or administration. 

The application process includes the submission of three letters of support, including one letter from an AAAP Fellow. All Past Presidents of AAAP have been given Fellow membership status, and therefore are eligible to write letters of support for those interested in applying. 

AAAP hopes to hear from many of our valuable members about applying for AAAP Fellow membership in the coming months.  Details about Fellow membership and the application process can be found by contacting the AAAP office or below:

Fellows shall be elected by the membership upon recommendation of the Executive Committee. The Membership Committee shall judge suitability for fellow status based upon the following guidelines:


  1. A minimum of eight years of active membership in the Academy (such as service on the Board of Directors, membership on two committees or chair of a committee, direct involvement in the organization of a special project such as a conference sponsored by the Academy, service on the editorial board of the Academy's journal, attendance at annual meetings),
  2. A minimum of three letters of support from members of the Academy with at least one of these three letters from Fellows of the Academy and the other two letters from senior leaders familiar with the nominee's work,
  3. Achievement of a senior level in the work setting (such as full professor in an academic center, director of a research program at a non-profit agency, director of a nationally recognized treatment program, active practice in addictions, or the equivalent),
  4. A high level of research quality and productivity, as indicated by at least 5 first author or senior author publications in the peer reviewed literature (or the equivalent), or
  5. Outstanding leadership at the local, national/international level in administration, treatment, or education related to addictions.

The Annual Award winners are automatically conferred Fellow status, and do not go through review by the Credentials Committee or approval by the BOD.

It should be recognized that this membership category is reserved for only those persons who are clearly highly distinguished in their contributions to the field and to the Academy.

Application process for Fellow membership:

i. Any Regular member of AAAP can apply for Fellow status.

ii. Members of the Board of Directors and persons rotating off the Board shall follow the same procedures as all other members in applying for Fellow status, and shall be reviewed in the same manner and by the same criteria as all other members considered for Fellow status.

iii. The applicant should arrange to have letters of support, a copy of his/her Curriculum Vita, and a cover letter addressing the criteria (see above) submitted to the Executive Officer for review by the Committee.

iv. Following review of a completed application by the Membership Committee, recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval of Fellow status.

v. Benefits associated with Fellow membership level are the same as those listed for Regular members.