Treatment Section

Join a Treatment Committee

Karen Drexler, MD Section Head

The Treatment Section includes four committees that focus on various aspects of addiction treatment: child and adolescent treatment, evidence-based treatment, physician health, and 12-step recovery. In addition the section also has two task forces: a task force on public sector interventions, chaired by Dr. Wesley Sowers, and a task force on chronic pain management, chaired by Dr. Jon Streltzer.

Physician Health Committee

John A. Fromson, MD, Co-Chair

The Physician Health Committee serves as an educational and policy planning resource for clinical, administrative and research issues related to the identification and treatment of physicians with psychoactive substance use or other psychiatric disorders as well as factors relating to the prevention of such illnesses. The committee seeks ways to provide educational support including sponsoring forums to discuss and support the clinical activities of AAAP members treating physicians and other health care providers. The committee supports the teaching of physician health issues to medical students, trainees, and other physicians. The committee encourages AAAP members to be active in physician health committees in their respective states and/or treatment programs specializing in physician health.

Child and Youth Treatment Committee

Ximena Sanchez-Samper, MD, Chair

The Child and Adolescent Treatment Committee seeks to identify and address issues unique to our youngest patients. The committee promotes the visibility of addiction treatment of minors by presenting symposia and workshops about child and adolescent substance abuse and distributing educational materials to a broader audience.

Evidence-Based Treatment Committee

Dean Krahn, MD, Co-Chair
Margaret Kotz, MD, Co-Chair

The Evidence-Based Treatment Committee was formed because of the growing need for members to be informed about evidence- based treatment in addictions. What works, and how do we know? The overarching goal is to provide resource information that will be clinically useful to the field.

Twelve-Step Recovery Committee

Marc Galanter, MD, Chair

The purpose of this Committee is (1) to clarify the state of research on the mode of operation of Twelve- Step programs; (2) to promote clinically-related approaches, such as the dissemination of Twelve-Step facilitation to enhance psychiatrists’ ability to refer patients to such programs effectively; and (3) to consider means by which psychiatric residents and fellows can best be given training on these issues.