About AAAP

We are psychiatrists, faculty, medical students, residents and fellows, non-psychiatrists and related health professionals helping those with substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

Educating, influencing and encouraging excellence in practice, policy and prevention for the field of Addiction Psychiatry and beyond.

Issues of general interest to membership include:

  • Assuring that new discoveries, research findings and technologies in the area of addictions become available to patients and are applied to clinical practice;
  • With comorbidity at approximately 50%, assuring that every patient with an addictive disorder has a psychiatric evaluation to assure accuracy of diagnosis and proper treatment;
  • Exploring the relationships of addiction psychiatrists to reimbursement systems, to managed care and to third and fourth party payers;
  • Maintenance of quality control and risk management in an era emphasizing cost containment;
  • Relationship between psychiatrists and primary care physicians in treating the addicted as well as dually diagnosed patient;
  • Support for adequate research funding in the addictions